OJUJU (The Fear of Bad Dream)

OJUJU is a masquerade in the Calabar tribe of Nigeria. The look of this masquerade is very scary and it injects fear in the hearts of the viewer. Whenever parents wanted to scare a child, they would say, “I’ll call Ojuju for you!” On hearing this, the child would immediately comply with the parents’ instructions out of fear. As the child grows, s/he will never be scared again because what was used to scare him/her is an empty lie.

That is the Ojuju for the children but I’m writing this in order to inform you about the Ojuju that the devil uses for the believers which we are ignorant of and that is what I call bad dreams. Can you echo that?

If an elderly person can use Ojuju to scare the little child, the little child will accept everything that the elderly person brings without any CONTROVERSY, but as the child grows, if the elderly brings an option that is unfavorable, (s)he’ll either accept or reject. This is what happens to you when you have a bad dream. The devil brings an Ojuju (bad scene) to you in your dream and as you wake up, you wallow in fear of everything that happened in the dream. As you allow fear, you are like that child that accepts that the occurrence should come on you. The main aim of bad dreams is to make you afraid but if you can’t be afraid then you’ve scared your fear.

Imagine that when you slept, you saw someone with a cutlass chasing you to kill you, the first question that should come to your mind is that if the person wants to kill you, will he first come to your dream to notify you? No. Why? Because if he notifies you, he’s so sure that you will run away, that’s why you should know that such dream is an empty lie.

Are you saying “I’ve had bad dreams before and it came to pass that same way I saw it”? If that is your case, I’ll say you accepted it. When bad dreams come, you’re either to ACCEPT or REJECT.
You accept by fearing and you reject by Faith(ing).You reject by boldly telling the devil what the Bible says (I’m going to expound this in the second part).

Think about this, You may not be able to stop your mobile network providers from sending their messages to you everyday but you can keep deleting it, you may not be able to hinder your TV stations from advertising their products while watching a program but you can always change the channel, you may not be able to stop bad dreams from coming too but you can keep rejecting it.

Also note that we call it bad dreams and everything that is bad is from the devil but everything that’s good is from God.
James 1:17
[17]Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

Can you confess this: “THE DEVIL IS A LIAR!” ?



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