My Father

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I have a Father
He feeds me with green pasture

I have a Father
He watch me grow from nothing to something

I have a Father
He makes somebody out of my nobody

I have a Father
He taught me the word of God

I have a Father
His words are soft words that breaks the bone

I have a Father
He show me the path of the kingdom

I have a Father
He taught me how to live without falling sick
I never knew this until He opened my eyes to it.

I have a Father
He taught me how to be prosperous
I never knew Prosperity is my inheritance

I have a Father
He taught me business
I never know I can handle hundreds of thousands now close to millions Personally

I have a Father
He taught me how to switch in the prophectic
I use to think it’s some men of God alone that only having the grace.

I have a Father who made me discover my purpose of creation.He taught me to find it and guide me through

I have a Father
He brought out the leader in me
I never know that I’m a leader born and made

I have a Father, He have a shoulder
I stand on his shoulder,to see farther

I have a Father,He is a fighter
He fought my battles on kneels

I have a Father that fed me with knowledge
He made me to know that “TO GROW, I MUST KNOW”

I have a Father that is a Reader
He made me to know that Readers are leaders that I can’t lead if I can’t read.

I have a Father that his home is a model for me
He guide us while making our marital decision
Though, those time were hard but His words were comfort to us🤏🏼🤓

Multitudes of words can’t express how well you’ve Father us
But sith this little we express our heart of gratitude this day and we say you’re the best Father ever

We love you sir
From both of us
#Damilola and Samson

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