Talking about spiritual fathers or mothers as the case may be, many youths didn’t understand the rules that determine whom you pick as your spiritual father.

The basic rule is ACCESS. It is not fame, it is not anointing and it is not about gifts. It is, first of all, access. Someone you can talk to when you want to. Someone who can call you up at any moment. Someone you can reach at a time of emergency. Someone who recognizes you. Someone who can put his schedules aside and quickly attend to you. Someone who will be there for you. That is whom you choose as a father.

Yes, there are fathers of faith in the land which we admire. They serve as father figures and mentors but when you want to pick a father who has a watch over you, you determine it by access. You may be blessed by a person’s radio/TV administration or books or broadcast but access comes first. Ironically, you may not even be able to reference much of your spiritual father’s messages or quotes like you do to other father figures depending on how resourceful he is yet, you are sure of one thing- access.

I could have mentioned other factors but I want to leave it at that in this write-up. I have fully listed and explained the factors guiding selecting a father in my teaching: “mentorship & discipleship”. It’s available on Telegram

I was in that shoe many years ago. God asked me to follow Bishop Oyedepo, I argued that the things people do say about him won’t let me identify with him. I told God that Kenneth Hagin- was enough for me. He told me: “you need a living man who is working on current principles of this age”. After, more persuasions I submitted. Then, after some time again, He told me to get a father and He directed me to whom it would be. Again, I argued that Bishop David Oyedepo was enough for me, after all, I listen to his messages and read his books. That was when he taught me about ACCESS.

I visit my father and talk with him occasionally but the only time I have gone to discuss any challenge at all with him was once and he prayed with me. I haven’t had any reason to request to see him urgently but I know that he’s there for me even when he’s out of the country. So, when I say access, it’s not about choking a person up. I have children who have listened to 80% of my messages and books and we haven’t spoken in a while. But if they need me this moment, I will be there.

And let me add this, don’t leave a man whom you had IMPART+ACCESS and hunt after a man of fame. You will meet people more anointed than your father. But that a man is richer than your biological father doesn’t mean your father is no longer your father. Don’t become spiritually fatherless thinking you are connected. Don’t make a mentor a father and don’t make a father a mentor. All fathers of faith, are not your spiritual father, so to speak.

And yes, you can switch fathers based on some factors which I mentioned in that teaching but don’t let it be because of childishness or little offence.

What more do you want me to add?


  1. Chaiiiii papa God. Sir indeed God has blessed you with insides and wisdom.
    This is just so wow. And I think many need such words to guide them on this very truth and life principle.
    God bless you sir.


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