Dear Ayanfe,

My child, I didn’t tell you
Life is not always pleasant
It gives you a road with bumps
It serves you beans with stones
Life dresses you with heavy garment

My child, I didn’t tell you
Life will be pleasant if you master the present.
Several have traveled this road inspite the bumps
You too can make it to destination
The garment won’t be too heavy if you wait for your time.
Pick the stones and cook your beans

My child, I didn’t tell you
If you are wrong and I beat, I’m not wicked
If you are hurt, my painful balm is meant to heal
If you fail, I may scream but my love is undiluted
I never meant it when I say I would disown you.

My child, I didn’t tell you
I will not always be here
It could be short or long
I may be good or bad
But you have your own life to live

My child, I didnt tell you
No challenge of life is new
No situation is permanent
History were once the present
With time this will also pass and fade

My child, I didn’t tell you
If you fall, it’s because you are moving
If you fall, fall forward
If you fall, rise again
Because only you can stop you.

My child, don’t do suicide,
It is not a cure but a curse
Find a reason to live and live for it
The end of the end is fire or peace
The giver of life would judge if you kill it

My son, I didn’t tell you
Make good friends and confidants
If one fail, make another
You are imperfect yourself
Always talk, say it out, scream it loud
Depression can kill one not two

My child, serve your Creator
That is the first destiny of man
And He is the best reason to live for
Don’t be mad at Him, He is always right
Right to help, if you seek Him

My child, remember your parents
They suffered to raise you
There is atleast one person that love you
They will sorrow if you go
You have another chance if you choose to live

I rebuke from you depression
I rebuke from you death thought
You will live the fullness of your days
And fulfil your dreams
My child, don’t do suicide

Ife Adetona



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