Brethren, we have a very sensitive topic to discuss.
And it will be my joy if you understand all I have to say and put it to use
Many people live the rest of their lives regretting how they spend the first 30 years of their lives
If you are over 30, you have a very slim line to correct things through this teaching
And if you are below 30, you are at a good time to turn things aroundCLARIFYING PURPOSE AND CAREER
This is a message I wish to say to everyone
And I will try to make it simple

Definition of terms:

Your purpose is what you are designed to do on earth 🌐
Something you are designed to do very well and do it best.
While you do it, it is very easy for you. You do it as if you are catching fun
When I told an old schoolmate that I have become a preacher, he said: “I doubt you could do any other thing”. Lolz.
To teach or preach is fun for me
It’s like fish in the river. The more he swims, the more joy and strength he gains
That’s what purpose is like2. CAREER
Your career is what puts food on your table. This could be your purpose or otherwise
I preached purpose in a church, at the end of the session, the coordinator confessed that what he is using to feed his family is not his purpose but at the point of marriage, he had to decide if he wanted to pursue his purpose or take care of his family
And that is the problem
90% of people on EARTH- (not only in Nigeria) are not living in their purpose
Many are just trying to make ends meet
And that is why tonight’s teaching is most important

Facts about purpose and career

1. The best career you can have is in your purpose!

Know that and know peace
Imagine doing what you love doing and being paid for it.
Just imagine itπŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈ
Do you know some people dance for a living?
Some people eat for a living
You grow younger while doing what you enjoy doing and getting paid for it

2. Nothing pays to like your purpose

Many settle into anything because they feel their purpose doesn’t pay as much
But indeed, nothing pays like a man’s purpose
That’s because you will be able to reach the height of your career with ease and joy
By God’s grace, I have written 61 books!
Writing has to be fun for me to do that much
That’s what purpose does.

3. A time would come when what will truly matter to you is your career, not your purpose

As beautiful as pursuing one purpose is, it is easier to live in that thought at your youthful age
A time is coming that what would matter is only how to put food in your mouth
How do you preach purpose to a man with a wife and two children
I know preachers who had to settle for part-time jobs because they must feed their family
So many people have been bullied and forced to settle for just anything
But you can avoid that happening to you

4. Think career early

If you do this early then you won’t be forced!
If you discover your purpose, ask yourself- what is the career aspect of my purpose then began to build it
I mean: ask yourself- how do I make money from my purpose?
The earlier you come to this, the better!
The earlier you come to this the better!

5. Don’t trade your career for your spiritual life

The Bible says- Rom 12:11 Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord
You went to ND- a fervent spiritual brother/sister (3 years + IT)DE-University- fervent! (5 years plus strike)NYSC- fervent! (1year)Afterwards- I AM NOW A OLD MAN/LADY, I should marry!
That journey takes you 9 years but you don’t have a career.
If you don’t have a career, you don’t have a future
It is after all of that you begin to think WHAT CAN I DO TO PUT FOOD ON MY TABLE
by that time, you are ready to settle for anything
Or some began to learn a skill
Compare it with a man who has started thinking about WHAT CAN I DO ALL ALONG
It was far late before Jacob asked- WHEN WILL I PREPARE FOR MY OWN HOME
so, if you are in this teaching, you can ask yourself- *HOW CAN I PREPARE FOR MY CAREER NOW!

6. Can my academics give me a career settlement

I tell you what-
For most people, their academics will not give them a career.Few people, their academics will surely give them a career.For some people, their academics may give them a career
Do you know the category you belong to?
If you are studying professional courses like- LAW, MEDICINE, and NURSING…you can be sure of a career in those fields
I have never seen a nurse or doctor jobless. They may not get the best-paying job but they have one
Those one’s, their academics will surely give them a career
If you have 1st class, your academics can also give you a career
If you have 2.1, it is also likely that you get jobs in places including banks no matter your course
There are chances for others as well.
But the chances get lower based on your result and your course
So, if you are in school, do your best to get the best grade.
If you think your academics cannot give you a career for one reason or another other then, you continue to think- *WHAT CAN I DO?*


even if you are not able to pursue your education as you wish
Take for example this young man
He came to me in Lagos and said he wanted to go to school but had no help
I asked if he learnt any skill, and he said fashion designing
I asked him how many years is he going to spend at school, and he said 4years.
I asked if he would agree with me that some people would go to school and come back to learn fashion design, and he said YES
I asked him if he believe he would make it if he face his fashion devotedly for 4years and he said YES
Then, I told him: how about FACING YOUR FASHION FOR 4YEARS, by the end of that 4 years, you can then do a part-time programmes
In short, two years after, he came to meet me in Lagos with his apprentice and he has also begun a part-time programme
You see, school has become a problem for some people instead of a blessing.
You thought you are done for if you can’t go to school.The fact is that you failed to see that not being able to go at this time opens you up for more opportunities.

8. There is a second purpose you can choose

Let’s say you want to build a career but your primary purpose is not clicking for one reason or the other…do you know that there is a second thing you can do?
No man is made for one thing
I can dedicate this phone to social media only or dedicate it to sms and calls only
So, you can decide to build a career around that second thing

9. The most important thing about a career is to decide

Decide! Decide!What can you do?
What do you want to do?
And what are you doing?
Can what you do at the moment put food on your table
Do you think you can marry and raise children with it?
So, what do you want to settle it?
I think I can stop here and we can look into building a career by next teaching
The two angles of career.
Deciding for the best angle.
Hustling vs building
And more…



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