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Cesarean section – Pst.Ife ADETONA

Cesarean section – Pst.Ife ADETONA

Another issue that arises from Mummy GO- Pastor Faith Oyedepo’s tweet is examples of people, especially men who denied their wives the CS option during delivery claiming they must birth like the Hebrew Women.

It is saddening that a man that has never used his faith to claim healing for headaches wants to use his faith to upturn surgical option for his labouring wife. What is faith to you? Do you think it is STRONG HEAD? Start by exercising your faith in the minor things around you so that when you need that strong faith, you will know what to do and how to approach things.

Any prophet that tells you to never do CS just because of the fear of death, please slap him on my behalf. CS is not a crime for God’s sake! A person who undergoes it should be more grateful to God than the person who delivers herself because you bore more risk and God saw you through.

Faith is not for bragging- so that you can also say you delivered yourself. Faith is work. You must labour to enter into the resting faith gives. When my wife settled for REGULAR DELIVERY, the next issue was the pain and groaning that comes with it. She said she doesn’t want to have any pain. Then, she started building her faith towards a painless delivery. She read books, especially the anointed book: SUPERNATURAL CHILDBIRTH by Jackie Mize. She chewed that book until faith and power were released from it. I read the book also. She listened to messages, she was confessing every day. She was building her faith for it! Eventually, she had a brief labour and spent 16 minutes in the delivery room to the glory of God. She has started building her faith towards 100% painless delivery for the next one.

Build your FAITH before the day you will NEED IT.
While at it, if the only option before you is CS, use your faith to believe for a hitch-free session and trust God for financial provision because I know that the fear of many is money not as if they love God or understand faith like that.


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