BULLETPROOF CAR – Pst. Ife Adetona


I thank God for saving the life of his servant with his family, Apostle Suleiman. Condolences for the loss of his aides. May God replenish the loss of the bereaved family. May God also grant the apostle and his family quick healing from the trauma.

Talking about the bulletproof car which has since become a centre of debate. I have seen people as usual say all sorts such as “it wasn’t anointing oil that saved him, it was bulletproof”. That’s like saying: “it wasn’t God that saved him but the car”. If thieves attempted breaking into their father’s house and after several attempts, even when the door was almost giving in, they were overpowered, those naysayers will go to church and say: “it wasn’t God that secured our parents, it was the iron door”.

The law of Divine Security says: “do your best and leave the rest”. Do your best, leave the rest for God but be at peace.
While I live in a house with a gate, I shut the gates at night, God keeps me.
When I was living in a gateless house, I shut the door to my room and God kept me.
When I was living in a house without a gate and without door, I drew my curtain at night and slept peaceably because the Lord was watching over me.

There’s a place for wisdom, there is a place of divine security.
Except the Lord keeps the city, the watchmen keep vigil in vain but note: there were still watchmen keeping vigils.


  1. Thank you sir for this piece, people will always talk no matter what happens in a man’s life, it is obvious that social media has become a place where foolishness is been expressed

    God saved his servant and kept his family though some died in the scene but God is still God and will always be God, you can’t fight a man of God for ever I tell you the truth this people will not live to see next year, it is obvious that anytime election in Nigeria is coming up the apostle is always attacked because he speaks out when other people are quiet. But this time they will not get away with it.

    For those we died in the scene we pray their souls rest in perfect peace and may God comfort their family and give the inner peace.

    I pray to for Omega Fire Ministry and the body of Christ as a whole may God help us to be strong in the faith and share the love of God in all aspects of live

    Apostle Prof. Johnson Suleiman may God continue to guide and protect you. You are the voice of this generation and nothing or no one can stop you .

    This is just the beginning of another journey in you walk with God and your work for God. Your scars are a prove of your services

    I love you Apostle Prof. Johnson Suleiman

  2. The scripture said, the numbers of your days you shall fulfill. Instead of you to die, another will die in place of you. Thank God for being faithful to His words.


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