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I am very sure you know the story of the Israelites as found in Numbers 21:4-9, when they were in the wilderness. At a time they murmured against God and against Moses that they were not satisfied with the food and water they were getting, so God sent a fiery serpent into their camp and most of them died. When they realized their mistake, God had to provide a way out. He told Moses to set up a brazed serpent and to hang it on a tree and whosoever could look at the hanged serpent from anywhere in the camp would surely be healed and shall live.
Note that God could take the fiery serpents away from the camp but God decided not to do that. He rather set up a way out of the mess they had set up for themselves.

Adam disobeyed God, the disobedience brought sin, and sin brought sickness, and sickness brought death. It’s this same progression that the Israelites followed that brought about their destructions. God’s bailout system was that they must obey His instructions by looking at the hanged serpent and this made God not to take the fiery serpents away from the camp. So for you to be saved (healed) you have to obey God’s laid down instructions. We will check the instructions at the latter part of the write up.

When Jesus was on earth, He referred to Himself as the hanged serpent and bailout system that God had made to prove His love and compassion towards men as He did for the Israelites.


Prophet Isaiah also testified to this fact:
Isaiah 45:22
[22]Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else.

This Prophecy was fulfilled when Jesus went to the Cross of Calvary. He was bruised and was striped and by his striped we were healed. So any one that is ready to take this very life of God must gaze at the hanged Jesus and then you will receive the life of God which is the life free from sickness and diseases.

The writer of Hebrews also admonished us to look unto Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith. How do we look unto Jesus?

  1. Believe He was hanged so that you be healed.
  2. Confess Him as Lord over your life.
  3. Always contact Him through His Word.
  4. Meditate always on His healing package for you.

By so doing, you are looking unto Him and you’ll soon become like Him.

Can you confess this: I’LL ALWAYS GAZE ON HIM.






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