When I say that SADOZ does not rely on any mortal being dead or alive for its financial running from inception to date, I am not trying to boast. I am simply saying to my spiritual children in the ministry and mentees that a ministry can be fully God-sponsored.

No debts
No side hustle as the president.
I resigned into the full time with zero naira as personal savings.
No rich parent or sibling as back-up
No financier in sight.
We were mostly students!
No penny or dime as foreign aid to date.
No letter of help
No sponsor!
No private visit to any mortal man to request sponsorship.

List all the impossibilities.

When God showed me where we are going as a ministry, I said- this cannot be run from a man’s pocket, we’d better not start with it. Our future cannot be run from a man’s pocket, we better learn how to trust God now in our day of little beginning.

Yesterday, while observing a worship session the Lord spoke to us through prophecy. He said (paraphrased): “thank you, there are many that I have given this mandate but depended on man and so they failed but you have not relied on a man to sponsor it but GOD”.

Everything you see in SADOZ today and that you will always see is FULLY & SOLELY GOD FUNDED. We have a slogan here: ” if you miss, we will miss your face but we can never ever miss your face”. ALL ON GOD.

Ife Adetona

SADOZ President


  1. God has been wonderful,it’s working for us because of your obedient to God’s call
    Thank you daddy Ife and mother Treasure

    • @Sam
      I don’t know you but you should likely to be a minister of God, if you wish to gain more wisdom on how ministry is go be funded,kindly apply to School of Full Time ministry in KBI


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