This generation is asking too many questions and either we like it or not, we can no longer tell them to shut up. If we refused to answer them, false shepherds are everywhere, ready to answer.

One of their questions is “where’s is my tithe going to?” Who is spending it?

According to the Levitical Priesthood, all tithes go to the welfare of the family of the Levites. Levite is one of the 12 tribes of Israel chosen as ministers. None in their clan is permitted to work or own private business and so, the tithe is majorly meant for their welfare.

But we are no more in the Levitical order of Priesthood. We belong to the Davidic Priesthood. David was the first man to act as a priest without belonging to the family of Levi. Jesus came from that root. He made everyone priests and ministers but also created certain offices to minister to the body of Christ. We call it the five-fold offices.

How does that relate to tithes?
The Levites were allowed to have the tithes because no one in their family was working. The father, the mother, the sister, the uncle and so on were not working. But in this dispensation, it is only the minister that doesn’t do secular work. At most, the minister and his wife and so, I don’t see why the tithes paid directly into the ministry purse should go to the G.O or whoever heads the ministry.

The truth is, this is not new. And I break everything down in our School of Ministry. That churches and ministries are not telling us about it doesn’t mean they are not doing it. In most places, the pastor doesn’t spend or eat the tithe you give. There may be a few places where they do eat tithes and even offering without accounting for it but I can tell you with my whole chest that most ministries around the world don’t eat members’ tithes. Tithes are well recorded and accounted for in most places. Even as a guest minister on a Sunday in some churches, you would be asked to sign on it.

What is my tithe used for?
The items David collected were all used for the building of the temple. David even emptied his personal account for the same purpose. And that is what happens today. Your tithes go into the development of the house of God. Note: this doesn’t include the ones you are led to personally pay to a man of God. The ones paid into the ministry account or tithe box are used to finance projects. Pastors also pay their tithe and seed for the same purpose just like David.

What will pastors eat?
The employer of pastors which is God feeds them. Meanwhile, we advise pastors to place themselves on salary and that’s for those who aren’t on secular jobs. Many ministries do this. Even G.O and Presidents are placed on Salary. Billy Graham was on salary. Bishop Oyedepo was on salary. This salary is always small compared to secular jobs and many give it up after some time. Some never take it at all. The salary should be known to some members of the exco and it can be drawn from anywhere including from the tithes but not all of it.

What about the needee?
First thing, the needee are not entitled to tithes.
Judas was quick to condemn Jesus that He was spending the money that was supposed to go to the needee but Jesus corrected that impression. He said that we can never fully meet the needs of the needees on earth.

However, Jesus, while He was on earth had a package for the needee. He had a system and % for them and Judas, the treasurer was in charge. So, ministries are encouraged to devise their own system and package for the poor and those in need. And let me tell you this categorically: there’s no ministry that doesn’t meet needs on a regular basis. It may be structured or unstructured but they do it almost daily or weekly. Only that many don’t announce it with cameras and social media.

My first-year school fees in NCE for instance was paid by the Student Mission Division of the Nigerian Baptist Convention. I got a loan from the Scripture Union for my first University fee. There are many on Winners Scholarship. RCCG built ICU in hospitals. I know a church here in Ibadan with around 300 members who fed the poor with one million Naira during the lockdown of last year. No news, no blog, no social media. CAC have run free/cheap maternity since 1930. Many of those running their mouths today were given birth to there.

I hope this answered your question of where your tithes go to?


  1. The problem is that not every Pastor is teaching the same, here in Southern Africa pastors teach that the tithe is for priests, but tell us that we don’t give them because it’s our duty but a way of showing gratitude to God for the monthly income. So for me just not too be controversial I just give just to fulfill what is written,but indeed we have the right to know where our tithes go after the resurrection of Christ.

  2. Tithes are paid to and for priests(Levites).
    Jesus(King, son of David, of House Judah) received priesthood from John [the Baptist], son of Zecharias, of house Levi.
    Jesus is the Melchizedek who received tithes even from Abraham, with Isaac, Jacob, Esau and the 12 houses.
    Jesus royal priesthood is now in you.
    You can receive tithes from the people you’re pastoring (in your church, homecell, school church, workplace church, etc) as you also tithe unto your man of God.

  3. God teaching man of God.
    But I beg to differ and encourage us to study the priest Melchizedek, which IS Christ Jesus, and also is in all of us as kings, princes, priests-royal priesthood.

    It actually explains the priesthood of Jesus Christ.
    (I’m differing on this: David’s collection for building the house of God were “Development project offering”, not the priest’s or prophet’s tithes.


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