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Father of light, we thank you for always showing us your light and divine directions. We look up to you for blessings today and receive an abundance of them in Jesus’ Name!

We all know that we are KINGS, and we know that we are PRIESTS. The only thing many don’t know is HOW to live as a king and as a priest. In Revelation 5:10, it is stated that God has made us kings and priests, and we shall reign on the earth. To be a KING means to dominate in the physical affairs of life, while the priesthood is for the spiritual realm. That is why all kings have a chief priest. However, we know David as a king who was also a priest. Therefore, God wants this combination in us as believers. To rule, you need to practice FAITH.

To have faith, you need information.

Tonight, let’s talk about PRIESTHOOD. The priestly office is mainly the PRAYER OFFICE. In the Old Testament, a priest stood between God and man, offering prayers on behalf of the people to God. A priest is someone who has control in the spiritual realm, and gaining control in the spiritual realm is all about prayer. Many today are complaining about demonic oppression and dominion, but Jesus talked about the basic ability of believers, which includes the ability to cast out demons, as mentioned in Mark 16:17. The first thing is the casting out of demons, meaning it is the simplest. The second is speaking in new tongues. Many of us can speak in new tongues, but demons are still casting us around. The reason is that we have failed to take our position in our priesthood office. We are still acting as someone who is begging the priest to intercede on their behalf. A priest is in control of their dreams and spiritual affairs using the tool of prayer. The problem, therefore, lies in prayer.

When you dream and see a snake bite you, what are you supposed to do when you wake up? You are supposed to pray. But many are praying and yet still failing to occupy any priesthood office. So, what does that mean? It means THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO PRAY.

The first problem with prayer is that many do not know that there are different kinds of prayer. For example, a lady wanted to quit her teaching job because she didn’t like the class they assigned her from the beginning. I asked her if she wanted to quit or command the school authority to change her class. She said she wanted to command the School Authority. When she prayed, what she typed out was just nonsense. She thought she had prayed, but she only said many things without truly praying. I taught her how to pray over that kind of situation, and when she resumed, the principal called her and changed her class. Ephesians 6:18 instructs us to pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. The biggest mistake of believers towards prayer is that we don’t realize that there are different kinds of prayers for different situations. We often think that everything is about asking God to do something for us, like asking God to heal or provide. This approach may yield occasional answers, but when we don’t get the answers, it’s because we have failed to apply the right key. Our healing is not with God; our healing is with us.

There are three approaches to prayer that a priest must know: rebuking the devil, claiming our blessings, and commanding angels, human spirits, and situations.

When you rebuke the devil, you are casting him away in Jesus’ name. You don’t ask God to help you cast them out, beg the devil to leave, or cry at the devil. If a disease looks demonic, rebuke it to go out.

We also claim our blessings, as stated in Ephesians 1:3, where it is clear that God has already blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms. We need to understand the tense used in the scripture. When we see “has” or “have,” it indicates a past participle tense. If someone has already given you something, you don’t need to ask for it again. Instead, you claim it. So, if you need money, you can say, “Devil, take your hands off my school fees of 200,000 naira in Jesus’ name! I receive (claim) my school fees of 200,000 naira in Jesus’ name.” That’s how we reign as priests, that’s how we pray.

Additionally, as priests, we have the authority to command angels, human spirits, and situations. The real essence of a person is their spirit, and just as evil spirits can control and manipulate people’s spirits, we have the ability to do the same.

For instance, if you want a change in your circumstances, you can command the spirit influencing your boss to release your salary. We rebuke the spirit, claim what is rightfully ours, and command the spirit to obey and pay us.

It is important to note that there are certain things we ask for in prayer, such as grace and mercy. These are the things we are permitted to ask from God. However, we should also claim what has already been provided, like healing and blessings. Many times, believers have misunderstood the concept of asking in prayer. We don’t need to ask God to heal or bless us because He has already done so. Instead, we claim those blessings and speak them into existence.

To truly learn how to pray all kinds of prayers and receive answers, we offer a course called the School of Prayer. This course provides comprehensive guidance on effective prayer, and there is currently a 100% discount available. Investing your time in acquiring this knowledge will be beneficial for your life.

In conclusion, by understanding our roles as kings and priests, we can live in dominion both in the physical and spiritual realms. Prayer is the key to unlocking our priestly authority. We need to learn how to pray effectively, recognizing the different kinds of prayers for various situations. By rebuking the devil, claiming our blessings, and commanding angels, human spirits, and situations, we can manifest the power and authority we have been given. Let us cultivate a strong prayer life and experience the right results.


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