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We started the study on PERSONAL LEADERSHIP
We close it by stating the importance of BOOK READING in the transformation of a leader
2Ti 4:13 The cloke that I left at Troas with Carpus, when thou comest, bring with thee, and the books, but especially the parchments.
How did Paul whom was never among the 12 knew so much and become so prominent?Booksâś…

Jesus opened the book and He discovered what was written about Him
I believe most people know the importance of books but the challenge is they don’t know HOW TO START
It all starts with SELECTION
Select books that you NEED
Adults learn faster when they read what they need
You hate books, right?
But in school, you read those handouts and textbooks.
Do you say it’s a must?
That’s just it! Select a book or title by need!

Click on this link now and ask Lydia to send the list of all SADOZ books to you.
Which of it, do you need right away in your life?
Do not aim to read 100 books at once
How many did you read last year?

Let that guide how you will set your goal
You can start by ONE in a month.
Divide it into weeks or invest the holiday of this weekend on it
When I ask people about their interest in book, they cite two challenges

Problems with reading

1. I don’t enjoy reading books.
2. I don’t enjoy reading PDF
Then I used to ask them, DO YOU LISTEN TO MESSAGES?
They usually answer yea!
People that read a lot don’t like much of sounds.

And those who love a lot of sounds feel bored with books
So, I proffer a solution to them:


This is easy given the technology available on your phone
But first let me talk some more about PDF and E-book
Hard copy books are good and has their own place but you will be at a disadvantage if you don’t embrace e-copies
The last book I bought was #2,500
Those days we used to buy books for around #800 to #1,500. That’s almost the highest
Tell me, how much can you spare on books per month?
I even bought a book last month for #5,000
One book o
But PDF gives you the room to get books for FREE!
THERE are several channels and platforms today where you can get books from various authors for free!
pdfdrive.com for instance has up to 84,000,000 free books from different authors and subjects
Scribd also has a lot of resources

So, you are losing a lot if you don’t learn to read PDF
I read all the God’s General series in soft copy

2. You can get books at lower price

Some books can never go for absolutely free
But you need them
Most foreign books are available for free but most indigenous books are available freely
Most foreign books are available for free but most indigenous books are available at a cost
Reading from someone who is using examples you can relate with makes a lot of difference
Foreign authors speaks in dollar terms but an indigenous author will speak in your own terminologies and make it simple
Now, PDF gives you their book at cheaper rates if at all you are paying.

3. You can carry several books around on your phone including the ones you have read

If you need references, you can easily check for it

4. You can read anytime and anywhere

I think that is the biggest advantage of PDF books
In the toilet, on the queue, in the bus etc
You can easily read on the go

5. You can also highlight

People said you can’t highlight on hardcopy or make jottings but you can
You can joy on your phone or jot on a notebook
Look at this.

It’s as highlight from ULTIMATE PURPOSE FINDER
The big deal is that if you open this book after 10 years. The highlight will still be there. Even if you open it on another device!

Converting PDF into AUDIO BOOK

let me ask you,
If your phone can be reading the book to you either on the road or in the book or as you’re doing your house chores, will you like it?
You can be sweeping or washing the plates and be reading
You can lie down, play a book and sleep off
When you wake, reverse it to where you were before you slept off

All you need is an app like this. This one is called Epub reader
There are many like it
Once you download it on your phone, just open a book with it and it starts reading
You can also set the speed and the volume


1. Read for One hour per day.

If you do this, you will read 50 books in a year.

2. Read at your Prime time

Your prime time is your best time. If you read at this time, you cover many pages quickly and retain better.
Divide large books into part
Like first 50 or first 5 chapters
When you complete a milestone, there’s joy that comes to your heart and motivated you further .

3. Set targets

Put some pressure on yourself
Like, announce on your status!

I will finish this book before Salah break is over
You can promise a review after you are done or on each chapter
And finally, the promo ends today
I am happy we have an holiday
If you are blessed by this study, let me know
If you find it helpful, tell me


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