We all know that the biggest problem we are facing as a country and even as a continent, Africa is LEADERSHIP. We all believe that if a leadership crisis is solved in Nigeria, the country will be a better place instantly!
That’s why many young people got frustrated over the last election because to them, it is the best opportunity to solve all of Nigeria’s problem once and for all.There was a man who was living illegally in Dubai.
He was owing a lot of debt because if you overstay your visa in Dubai, you pay fine for each day. Someone asked him why didn’t he go back home- to Nigeria, he replied: “when XXX become the president, he will transform the country and I will return”. Unfortunately for him, another person was declared. But whatever made him feel if that person enters his life would change automatically is deceiving him.

My point, WE BELIEVE SO MUCH THAT LEADERSHIP IS OUR BIGGEST PROBLEMThat means LEADERSHIP IS THE SOLUTION TO ALL OUR PROBLEMS. But we focus so much on the society, How about we focus on ourself! I mean on yourself.
Do you know that your biggest problem is PERSONAL LEADERSHIP and your solution is PERSONAL LEADERSHIP? You can be whatever you want to be if you LEAD YOURSELF ALRIGHT. A poor man can change his life just by SELF-LEADERSHIP!There are two types of PERSONAL LEADERSHIP
1. Interpersonal leadership
2. Intra-personal leadership
Inter-personal is your connection other people
This is the type we often talk about
But I want to focus on INTRA-PERSONAL LEADERSHIP;this is leadership in relation to yourself

1.It is the lack of personal leadership that leads to an indiscipline lifestyle.

Leadership is all about putting resources to work. As an individual, there are several parts of your body that you lead every day.
You have your head, your hands, your leg…etc
How you coordinate each of them determines the value you will get in life.
Some people find it difficult to WAKE UP DESPITE THE ALARM
at this your age, you still need someone to wake you for SFA by 5:30 am on SADOZ ONLINE PLATFORM? and when you eventually wake, your eyes are opened but your body is telling you that you can’t do anything and you allow it!
You can’t lead your body to do the right thing!
Some of us found it difficult to bathe in holidays? Why? You know it’s right but you can’t lead tour body
Your eyes love to watch movies but hate books
Loves to gossip but dislike praying!
And you cannot lead yourself to do the right thing. That’s how leadership starts
Self-discipline is self-leadership and self-leadership is the bedrock of greatness
You take less out of life if you don’t know how to CARRY YOURSELF to do what’s right!
Ability to do this very well is what is called intra-personal leadership and the failure will result in crisis. A man who is disciplined in putting his body to work as at when due and to do the right thing has a good personal leadership.

2. It is the lack of intra-personal leadership that makes many people to commit suicide.

Their emotion is gone out of control!
Someone told me how he attempted suicide twice but did not die. He told me his problem
I pieces it and explained to him. He realized it doesn’t worth it
You didn’t learn to put your emotions and mood in check on simple things, you’re creating a disaster for yourself. And it is good personal leadership that makes a man live through trials and shame to emerge a winner.
Extrinsic comes from people
Intrinsic comes from internal
If you don’t learn to motivate yourself, people will rubbish your potential
You will think they are whom they say you are and then miss it!
You upload a picture of yourself, 99 people said it’s beautiful, 1 person said it’s ugly then you lose your sleep over that one person
What if the 100 persons said it was ugly? What will you do?
Self-leadership includes the ability to live through shames and trials and still emerge a winner!

3. With a good intra-personal leadership skill, even if you were born into a poor family, you can lead yourself out of poverty.

Many people are doing things that are leading them FURTHER INTO poverty and they don’t care
Pro 6:10 Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep
When I was heading for the full-time ministry, they told me that I was going to be very poor!
I simply asked: “If I want to be rich as a full-time minister without begging or any crooked means, what do I need to do?”
I got the answer….I am doing them
Tell me, it’s 7years in full time, am I poor?
I strongly believe that a man can lead himself from poverty into prosperity no matter how poor his parents are
And his or her background
I was born with what you can call wooden or plastic spoon in the mouth and not with a silver spoon.
I have lived in some of the poorest habitations you can imagine but to the glory of God, I’m out of it.
I decided from childhood that when I become independent, I will never live in a room or two room apartments popularly known as Face Me n Face You.
That was where I grew and I know the troubles associated with such households, so I decided never to live in such a place again, not even as a student and the Lord granted my heart desires.
If you currently live in such, just decide from now to be out of it in as manner of time
Most of the richest men in the world never come from rich families.The day I heard the childhood story of Myles Munroe, I said in my heart that even my father who lived in Nigeria was richer than his father.
If he could rise from such background and become the success he is

Understanding oneself and ones emotions

Understanding oneself and ones emotions; the things to do to have good moods and to come out of bad moods is a product of a good personal leadership.

Many people lack self-awareness and that has affected their self-esteem.

That is an evident of leadership crisis.
You must be aware of your body as well as your internal attributes
If I feel pain in different parts of my head, I can tell you what is wrong and what to do to correct it.
One of the reasons I have never broken down by the grace of God in spite of my many tasks is due to self-awareness.
I know how my body works and how it reacts to activities. I know what to do to manage and prevent crisis and most especially, the time to rest.

4.Lack of discipline is another result of personal leadership crisis.

When you cannot put your body to do the right things and refrain it from doing the wrong thing, it is lack of discipline.
Job said he made a covenant with his eyes not to look lustfully at a lady
Job 31:1 I made a covenant with mine eyes; why then should I think upon a maid?
There is a reason the Bible calls one of the fruit of the Spirit, self-control.Self-control is self-leadership.
You need to master your emotions and control your sexual urge.
At this point, you may be asking-


First, you have to be specific?
Lead yourself to do what?
To be hardworking?To be self-disciplined?To control your urges?To pray?Which area exactly?

You need to GO FOR BOOKS

to lead myself from POVERTY into PROSPERITY, do you know what I did?
I started reading about FINANCES!
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We should stop here tonight because of our time
Are you blessed at all?
Receive grace in Jesus Name


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