Post NYSC Phobia (Part 1)


For the Non-Nigerian that may be graced to be reading this article, The word NYSC means National Youth Service Corps. It is a scheme by the Nigerian Government to ensure that all Nigerian Students that graduated from the Higher institutions of learning, serve their fatherland.

NYSC is the bridge between Nigerian Youths and their career(s), because after NYSC, 80% of the Nigerian students face (their) careers squarely. Alhough, there are some that still go further in their educational pursuits, but the percentage is usually low, compared to the number of those who stop or face (their) career squarely.


NYSC is an experience that all higher institution students don’t want to miss. All of them want to appear in White fowl dress. The 7/7 kit is a big dream that so many youths have always dreamt of. In fact, it’s the propeller for some people to go further in their studies.

The last day of examination on campus is always tagged ‘SIGN OUT’ day with so many inscriptions on the clothes of the (graduating) Students. But the commonest is “Clarion call” “NYSC calling” etc.

However, Why this is so important in the hearts of all Students is that they will be paid a monthly allowance which is equivalent to the minimum wages in the Nigerian payment scheme, and they will be paid directly by the federal government herself.


So many people are always so engrossed with the joy, but the reality of service dawn on them about three months to their Passing out Parade.

I once saw a video clip where the sister was crying on her passing out Parade day because theref would be no hope of monthly allowance any longer. When I was in service as well, it dawned on me that I would be passing out in the next 2 months and I started thinking on life after service. And then, I started doing some head calculations because of the fear of what to do next.

I was having conversation with some friends of mine as well, and I sensed that the Phobia of what to do after NYSC had been engrossing them as well. Therefore, I made this decision to put a counsel to some of my friends ahead, so as to bless many that are coming behind.

Are you a serving NYSC member?
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Then this article will bless you tremendously.
In the next segment, I shall start by exposing us to how we can deal with post-NYSC fear.

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