We have đź’ˇlight tonight in Jesus Name

How Successful People Think

I also say they think creatively and innovstively
I have mentioned that successful people think big no matter how low their state may be at the present moment in time
Remember that I told you they didn’t come up with this habit after being successful. They grew with the habits. These habits made them

4. Successful People like us are optimistic

Successful people are highly hopeful.
They see a positive ending and that is why they can take calculative risks.
That’s what it means to be optimistic
That’s why when you see them going down, they pick up again
They could see the end as bright and they are never down whatever it is at the moment.
Whenever they fall, they rise again.
Bishop Oyedepo explained that when their ministry had only one branch in a corner of a place, their signpost reads: worldwide.
They look at the future with big high hopes and expectations.
He said people passed by and laugh at them but he didn’t care. He didn’t see himself or the ministry in that corner.
It worked for me, it worked for our ministry. Even though we started in a room apartment, we talked big and we took bold steps!
See, Optimism is not a motivational speech but an inspirational reality.
They think problem solving thoughts.

5. Successful people see themselves as bigger than the problem.

Successful people think as problem solvers.
They don’t shy away from problems.

6. Successful peeople always takes stepsThey think as they move and move as they think.
Successful people are not thinkers and sleepers, they are thinkers and movers, as they think and they act.
If you think positively with the right mindset and not just wishes, there is no way you will stay complacent. You will always forge ahead and move ahead.


Receive this very mindset in Jesus Name.

A. Successful people value their morning time!

How do they see time?
What do they think about time?
The Scriptures says “woe to you o ye lands, who its kings eat in the morning.
The Yoruba tribe of Nigeria would say: ‘the real day is the morning time’.
The morning time is the most treasured time of the day.
The morning time carries more value than the night time.
Jesus Christ says “are there not 12 hours in the day? John 11:9”.
Take note that, The beginning of the week is the morning of the week.
Your youthful age is the morning period of your life.
I see many young men and ladies wasting away the early part of their lives.
That is why the preacher in the book of Ecclesiastes advised that man should remember his God in the days of his youth.
When you open the head of many young ladies under 30, what you see in there is “husband”.
I do say that what many youths miss before the age of 30, they will spend the rest of their lives trying to catch up with it.
They are just catching fun, nothing do them.
They want to marry. When you open the head of most boys, what you find there is “fun”.
Mark Zuckerberg became a billionaire at the age of 23. I am not saying that you must make billions or millions before you clock 30, but you must aim to be at the top of your career before that age.
Those who started their race in time have a higher tendency of winning.
Most top billionaires today, started making their several millions at the age of 30.
However, it doesn’t matter what point you are today, it is not too late to start aiming high.

B . Successful people are never in a hurry.

Have you discovered that those who get late to meetings and events are always coming in, in a hurry.
. They get to wherever they need to reach at the time they wanted or planned or ought to.
You will never see a successful person rushing or getting to a place late.
And that’s because they have good time management.
You see them running, sweating and breathing heavily yet, those who come early arrived very calmly?
What is most important to a successful person than money is their time.
They don’t permit people to crash on them and steal their time.
I think I should stop here
By the time you’re downloading it, it will be much
It’s much already
Receive the grace to apply in Jesus Name


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