#Be calming down

by Ife-Adetona

I want to carry fire!
I want to spit fire!
I want to heal the sick!
I want to raise the dead! Firreeeeeee!
Fire in my bones! My dear calm down for few minutes.

These are the trending words among zealous Christian youths today! But the big question is, where will this zeal be in 20years to come. I gave my life to Christ at the age of 11. I am not sure I had as much as this zeal back then but my zeal and love for Christ has not waned a bit. What can you do to keep the flow?

Andrew Wommack stated that a young man in their Bible school said God has showed him a vision that he would conquer the world for Christ. The man was told to be patient and finish the Bible course but oh no! He said he can’t be wasting for three years when he has a world to conquer. Andrew Wommack said, it has been many years and the man is yet to conquer the world.

Maybe you don’t know but let me tell you this, our generation is not the first to shout FIREEEEEE! And you are not the first to see the vision of heaven, angels and encounters with great men of God. If some people tell you what they have seen, you will realize you haven’t seen anything. But you know the shocking news? Only less than 10% made it. 100 youths wanted to raise the dead but only 10 did. 100 Rehinard Bonkes wanted to conquer the world but only Bonke & few others did. My eyes was opened to behold a vision when I was much younger. Some young men were on a race and they must necessarily run through a thick dark wilderness. The first man pick off and as soon as he got there we heard a loud noise and it went dead. The same with the second and third and so on. Finally, it came to my turn to run through that wilderness then the vision ended. Whether I have ran through or still in the middle of it, I don’t know but am still standing today. My dear, I have been bearing this zeal & love for God for some time, I think I can be of help to you.

One thing this generation is missing out is KNOWLEDGE. We are loud on noise, we are loud at prayer, we are even loud in sleep but we are very low in knowledge. It takes a patient man to actually learn and that is why I told you to farabale that is, cool temper and learn.

We are in the days of KNOWLEDGE. The things of the Spirit moves with times. When a people are deep in occultism, God moves in the dimension of gifts but when the people is won for Christ, He moves in the dimension of KNOWLEDGE. Gifts doesn’t ceast to exist but it would also manifest through knowledge.

Let me break it down. In the book of acts, the first gift to the Church are Apostles who performed signs and wonders…right? Next, were Prophets who gives supernatural directions…right? When the people began to settle in and conflicts began to arise, we had government which first appear in form of deacons and later as pastors! Then the Church were sending out newer believers who couldn’t operate fully as Apostles but were called Evangelists. And at the end came knowledge which are TEACHERS! We have only one Acts but many letters (knowledge) in the Bible.

Kenneth Hagin was a man who lived across 8 decades and he told us how it happened in the USA. Revival actually started with the gifts of Apostles & Prophets who performed powerful and unprecedented signs and wonders but continued with knowledge. Someone like Hagin, Copeland & Oral Roberts transisted from the Gift era to Knowledge era. Signs & Wonders didn’t die during the knowledge era, it only became more and even domesticated. The F.F Hunters demonstrated this when they organized world healing day. Hagin told us that even pastors who couldn’t quote a verse correctly performed great wonders in those era of gifts. But when the Spirit shifted, they died before they die.

Let’s come to Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Many of us are still expecting God to moved the way he moved in 1930 but the dimension as changed! God always open new lands with GIFTS but must stabilize the souls with KNOWLEDGE. It doesn’t mean gifts would stop but it would required knowledge to flow. For example, our fathers fasted, clapped and prayed to get people baptized in the Holy Ghost yet everyone would not get baptized! By knowledge, I have gotten hundreds people baptized and it doesn’t last more than 5 minutes yet, there is nobody who has failed to get baptized under my ministration. Today, anybody can replicate the same thing anywhere in the world. I have trained those who do that effortlessly. The same thing with healing. By knowledge, people got healed with a blink of the eyes. It’s just like technology. Before now, you need to travel miles to get a message across but today, with text it’s done. But imagine a young man who still wants to do it in the “old ways.” I know Nigeria today, the most prominent ministries are ministry of knowledge. You agree with that, right?

The same shifitng can happen in a man’s life whom God started with in the gift dimension. God expected them to grow in knowledge but they didn’t and so they die before they die. After Ayo Babalola died, where are the men who performed signs along side with him? Many of them were still around till the 2000s but all we had was their stories- “in those days”.

As our generation dwell more on knowledge, we shall see more signs & wonders than the Bible times or even 1930. Seas will part and deads would be raised as deep ourselves further and further to searching.

Devil has gone ahead of us to corrupt the knowledge by introducing several “rare mar” which they call “rhema”. But by their fruits we shall know them. They said they cannot die, yet they die. They said they are forever saved, yet they commit continuous sins.

If you seek knowledge in the right place you will get it. Seat with your Bible, Read Books, Attend Biblical Courses, Pay attention to what those who won has to say. Apply everything! Lastly, until you are a lover of books, you are not a lover of knowledge.



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