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I’ve met so many people with this question bothering them. They ask, “Why did God plant the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden, when He knew that man may be tempted to eat out of it?”

Are you also bothered by the same question? Then here’s the answer:

1. God planted the tree in the garden so as to stir up the ability to make choices. Don’t forget that the ability is resident in man already and God created man in His image (Spirit) and one of the attributes of the image of God is the ability to make choices as He wills. So God created alternatives so as to stir up this ability in man.

2. God created the tree so as allow Adam and Eve prove that they were obedient to Him. The only way to prove obedience is when there’s an opportunity to disobey and one refuses.

3. The last reason is so that the devil would not say that God does not give man the ability to make choices.I

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