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Psalms And Water thing – Pst.Ife ADETONA

Psalms And Water thing – Pst.Ife ADETONA

I have not seen any record- document or orature that says Ayodele Babalola regularly read certain Psalms in water or ask people to read some Psalms, a number of times in water to pray or drink.

I spend a good period researching the ministry of Babalola. One of the most reliable documents about his life and ministry is covered in Dr Olukoya’s autobiography of Ayodele Babalola because the content is as told by eyewitnesses and acquaintances of the late 1930 Apostle. I didn’t see anywhere it was said or written that he was dictating Psalms to be read into water. Looking at the usage of water by DK Olukoya may prove or disprove this because that is a man who model the most operation of his ministry after the great Apostle.

In all my years in the CAC where we take waters to Church, Psalms have never been dictated to us to read into water. The Pastor would just pray over it. If this is done in any quarters of the Christ Apostolic Church then, it is alien.

If you have any document or account (story) that says otherwise, I do love to hear it. We all know where reading Psalms 70 times for 7 days into the water to bathe and drink come from no matter how much we try to pretend as if we don’t know but certainly is not an Ayodele Babalola thing.

To set record straight- Apostle Ayodele Babalola prayed on water.
I am not against praying on water. I pray on water too. I pray on anointing oil, I pray on mantle. There’s a pool at the Great Zion City (our campground) called the wonder pool. For the umpteenth time, I am not against praying on water. It is Biblical. Jesus could just open the eyes of that blind man but He sent him to a pool.

There’s no great tool of God that can’t be misused. It is those rough edges that we should smoothen for more profitable good work. And if you find yourself at a slippery edge, learn and have a change of mind.

“Our Fathers Prayed on this mountain”. Jesus replied: those that worship God must worship in the Spirit and truth. We are the generation of the knowledge of God that covers the earth as waters cover the sea. We will get a better result if we do certain things better than our fathers (if at all they did it).

Like I said earlier, it is safe to pray in water to drink, bathe, sprinkle and so on. It is safe to quote the word of God while doing so. And it is not bad to read certain scriptures. The purpose of reading those scriptures is to stir faith in the WORD (JESUS).

I grew up reading Psalms in water myself. I started getting confused at some point when I see that the content of some Psalms are out of line with the purpose of prayer at that point in time. Some Psalms are totally not in sync with my prayer at that point in time while some changes subject at different verses. If the Psalm doesn’t generate faith, there is no power in it but mere ritual because whatever is not of faith is a sin.

Those that practice this Psalms thing regularly don’t care about the content of the Psalm (true or false?). For instance, they ask you to read the Psalm of your age. That is, if you are 21 years old, they’ll tell you to tread Psalms 21 for 21 times.

Have the prophet checked if the Psalm of my age addresses my present challenge?

If you will read Psalms into water or any scriptures at all. It must be in sync and be able to stir up faith. For the just shall live by faith. It shouldn’t be a blind reading. And even when it is in sync, reading it several times (70 times) at a stretch is likely to make you read more absent mindedly. This is what happened to me. Philip asked: ” “understandeth thou what thou readeth?”

Some would say- “we read Psalms blindly, and it worked”. It may work sometimes because of His Name’s sake, but it won’t always work. In fact, it would work for babes or at first attempt only.

If you are a Prophet or Pastor and you pray into water for people using Psalms. Try to pray without “PSALMS” but faith-based and relevant scriptures (maybe just one or two even), you will be shocked at the wonders that will follow. The reason is, God gave you the mystery of water and the reason it is working is not that you read Psalms blindly into it.

Summarily– Psalms are not wrong. Praying into Water is not wrong.
What is wrong is: some pastors ask miracle-seeking believers to read some Psalms a number of times into dew water or whatever water just to keep them busy as against generating faith in them. And whatever is not of faith is a sin.

Ife Adetona



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