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New Year Message by Pastor Ife

New Year Message by Pastor Ife

Ezekiel 21:271 will overturn, overturn, it and it shall be no morew, until he come whose right it is; and I will give it him.

Happy New Year to you. Glory to the Almighty God for ushering us into the New Year. The year 2023 is a highly prophetic year for the SADOZ family. It is the 9th Year of the Sons and Daughters of Zion Ministry. Figure 9 is three in three places. That means, the year 2023 shall be unto us restoration upon restoration, recovery upon recovery, possessions upon possessions.

Number 9 symbolizes divine completeness and finality. Christ died at hour nine of the day to make way of salvation open to everyone. Every good word of God spoken concerning your life in which process has long started shall be finalized this year. You will experience a total victory. You will have a total recovery. You will be settled all round. The Lord shall overturn, overturn, overturn and overturn until what is yours fully come to you. And you will not loose anything or anybody.

It is the womb year. In this 9th year, wombs shall be opened. There shall also be delivery of children, fruits, projects and dreams. I see career and academic connections. I see movement into overseas. I see people settling in their promise land. There is a greater wave of marital settlement for all.

Number 9 is the number of the Holy Spirit. It is the number of spiritual dimensions. There are nine fruit of the Spirit and there are nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. To us, God has said that it is our year of SUPERNATURAL ENCOUNTERS. It is a year where we shall move by the wind of Spirit. Sadozites would be unfathomable. We shall enjoy divine favour all round. We shall leap forward supernaturally.

Cornelius had the revelation to invite Apostle Paul in the ninth hour. There shall be mysterious supernatural encounters, visions and revival among Sadozites at our meetings both online and physically. That supernatural encounter of Cornelius led the Gentiles to the light of the gospel and a massive manifestation of the Spirit. In this year, SADOZ will attract multitudes by the manifestation of the Spirit. Her people shall come from the North, South, East and West and they shall gather on the mount of the Lord at the Great Zion City and across our meeting points both online and onground. There shall be a massive expansion for individuals, families, businesses and the SADOZ Family. It shall be a year of great impact, wisdom, stability and multitudes.

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Answer: Our Year of Supernatural Encounters

Caller: Year 2023

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