One of the ways to bring yourself closer to your destiny is to make yourself lazy. How do I mean?

When a man is full of activities, he often feels that he’s very busy. If money were mere papers, all of us would be very rich. We will just be carrying papers around but when you get rid of those papers, you will know what you really worth.

So, making yourself lazy is getting rid of those activities that don’t add significantly to your purpose but occupy you. Those things have gradually become addictions or obsessions. It could be strolling through the status of all the enemies and friends on your contact list. It could be wandering up and down Facebook screens or crawling all over Instagram. It could be dripping on YouTube back to back. It could even be gallivanting with friends, sniffing novels, bathing in movies or sleeping over long hours phone calls with someone. All of these things will definitely reduce the amount of energy you are pumping into what is more important to you which is your purpose. It could even be cumbersome and popular religious activities. Yes, it could be spreading mats over football matches. Some of us really need weight loss. I mean, shedding away some friends! Some of us need to uninstall those games. Some need to disconnect their TVs or throw away the remotes and decoders.

I’m not saying you should stop all of these but you have to totally do away with some things. Don’t preach moderacy to yourself over what has already become an obsession, throw it out outrightly.

When you free yourself of all these excess luggage, you will suddenly become less busy, bored and lazy. At that moment, you will be asking yourself “what can I do?” “How can I get busy?” When you ask yourself this over and over, you will start making meaningful meanings in life. You will be more fulfilled! RECEIVE Grace to act now!

Ife Adetona
SADOZ President W/W



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