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Have you read this powerful book called FORTIFIED HEALTH??

An unbeliever may pretend to be born again, a poor man may disguise to be rich, holy living can be faked but a life in the shackles of illness cannot be faked.

Fortified Health is written to feed you with the knowledge of the finished work of Christ on your healing and health.

It opens the eyes of understanding to the fact that your spirit, soul, and body have been fortified against illness from the minute you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Saviour hence, no sickness is allowed to lord over your body and soul.

Get set for instant healing and the fortification of your health as you read the book.

Would you like to get your own soft copy (pdf) of this book? The price is $2 on Amazon. If you want direct sales, it is just #500.

Click this link to order now!!

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https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=+2348106522911 or type I’m interested at the comment box



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