Timothy 1:4″

Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which minister questions, rather than godly edifying which is in faith: so do”

Should we celebrate Christmas? Merry Christmas to you! I can’t imagine believers and even Christian leaders causing a fuss over this matter. When we leave the core of Christianity and pursue the unnecessary doctrines, we tend to veer from the truth like some people who are now with the devil, fallen from grace.

If I celebrate Christmas, what effect does it have on my Christianity and if I don’t, what effect does it have on my faith? Nothing and absolutely nothing. Some laid claims that the Christmas celebration is idolatry and it was in memory of some Roman gods. I want to ask: when you hear Christmas, what comes to your mind —Jesus’ sacrifice or some unknown gods? Whatever comes to your mind is the reason and motivation behind your celebration. When you have a clear conscience, you are at peace with God. God doesn’t have issues with you celebrating Christmas or not, but you start having issues with your faith when you get distracted by such fables.

Some have also asked, “Do we need a special day to recognize Jesus birth?” I agree that we can celebrate and should celebrate Jesus every day of our lives but let me register it to you that Satan is having issues with Christmas celebration and that is why he is sponsoring so many arguments along the line. Forgetfulness, they say, is a blessing to the human race and we don’t forget things suddenly but gradually. It is the importance of a thing that first fades away before the event is entirely forgotten, thus the need for memorials to refresh our minds. God told the Israelite pilgrims en route Canaan land to keep objects and materials as reminders in teaching their unborn generations. This will make them reverence their God. I believe that is the wisdom behind museums today. Jesus also instructed us to keep the Holy Communion mainly as a memorial before other purposes.

Back to Christmas celebration, it is a period where the sacrifice of Jesus is refreshed upon our minds. It is our memorial. No matter how holy or spiritual you have been all the year, when it is Christmas, there is an aura that brings us more into the reality of our Saviour.

Let’s celebrate our Christmas, let it be a period to re-unite with family members, friends, relations and reach out to the unsaved and unbelieving neighbours as we go on to remember the precious sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ.

However, if you haven’t experienced salvation and you claim to celebrate Christmas, even if your name is Jeremiah, you have no portion in the everlasting life. You don’t get born again by birth or naturalization, you get saved by seeing a need and going for it. You can have it now.

Say this prayer, _”Lord Jesus, I accept you as my Lord and personal Saviour today. I believe in your death and resurrection and sacrifice for my sins. I receive the grace to continue in my walk of faith in Jesus name.”_ Contact the source of this devotional for follow up. Thank you.

May the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you!



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