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I was coming from a friend’s place last week and I was double crossed by some of my senior colleagues and he started questioning me that someone told him that I don’t believe in drug and I don’t use it? I told him that I absolutely believe in the using of drug because it’s even the wisdom of God that was imparted in to men that made men to produced it(Infact, one of these days I’m going to write on Medical healing).

I told the man that I believe in medical healing but Divine healing is real and I preaches it, as we ended the conversation and departed, I was ruminating over the discussion and Holy Spirit whispered to my hear that I should write on DON’T BE A FOOL that there are some folks out there looking at me from afar with the same mentality.

The fact that motorcar do have an accident doesn’t mean that we won’t board it again whenever want to travel. So also the fact that Divine healing and health is a concept that many do criticized and hate to listens too doesn’t mean that we won’t teach it again.

It’s only a fool that will prefer “good” to “better” or “better” to “best”, it’s only fool that will prefer living in “darkness” to “light”, it’s only a fool who will prefer living a life full of falling sick than a life free of sickness.

Why will you choose to be living on drug while you can be living without falling sick at all? And I think I’m amplifying the voice of God to you my dear readers hearing that why will you go into captivity of sickness because of lack of this Knowledge I’m passing to you(Isaiah 5:13). Well, God won’t override your choice, you own your choice but God is advising you to choose the best option rather than better, hear the word of God;
Deuteronomy 30:19(paraphrased)
[19]I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life(Divine Health/Healing) and death(Sickness), blessing and cursing: therefore choose life(Divine Health/Healing), that both thou and thy seed may live:

As someone is reading this, you want to ask that is Medical healing not Divine too and the answer is that YES, it’s not Divine, it’s Human(You may ask me to proof further in the comment box). You may still want to ask that what of Timothy, Ephaproditus, Trophilos that was asked to use drugs/wine for there health, and I will ask you in return that are they the one Bible says we should always looking upon? If No, Don’t be a fool, choose those that by through Faith they inherit the promise.

However, I’ll conclude this article by quoting Prophet Isaiah:

Isaiah 53:1
[1]Who hath believed our report(of Divine health/Healing)? and to whom is the arm of the LORD revealed?

If you believe and faith it
It will works for you

If you didn’t belief it
It won’t works for you

Type where do you belong in the comment box (I believe/ I don’t belief).





  1. I so much believe in it and I am a living testimony of same which will clock nine years by September 2020

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