Many people do not even know your full name can you tell us your name sir?

Can you tell us where you hail from?
*I hail from Saki,Oyo State, Nigeria.*

Can you tell us about your education background till date?
*I started my pre-primary school education at Elam Baptist School,Oke Adagba, Saki. From there, I moved to Baptist Model Primary School, Ajegunle, Saki. When I got to Primary 3, I proceeded to Benefit Primary School where I finished in the year 2006.*

*For my secondary school education, I attended Benefit College and I graduated in the year 2013. After my secondary school education, I proceeded to The Polytechnic Ibadan, Adeseun Ogundoyin Campus, Eruwa where I graduated in the year 2015. I commenced my Higher National Diploma in the year 2017 and ended in the year 2019 and I’m currently serving as Evangelism Secretary of the Nigeria Christian Corpers Fellowship, Imo State Chapter.*

Which denomination are you from (tell us your church too)?
*My local church is Otun Baptist Church, Otun, Saki.*

When did you gave your life to Christ and under which Ministration?
*I have been a church boy for years. I experience genuine salvation date on January 2, 2015 at a program tagged “Young and Fruitful” at First Baptist Church, Ago Are. I got saved during the ministration of Bro Adegbola Bodunrin with the topic “A Stony Heart (Ezekiel 36:26)*

How did you balance the CCB president, CLCF President, SADOZ Chapter Director, SADOZ Koinonia Leader and your academy when you were in school?
*Hmm. Let me first say that a nickname some of my friends gave me was “Time Manager” I was able to handle all this portfolio well based on the principles I learnt from a book title TIME AND TASK MANAGEMENT*

Are you in relationship?

Can you tell us more about your blog?
*The blog actually didn’t start as a blog; it started as a Facebook article. It was a passion for excellence that drove me to start a blog. I started writing of articles based on a revelation God showed me. In that revelation, I saw a senior friend who was sick came to me for help and in that revelation, God gave me the bible verse Mathew 10:1. After I woke up, the Holy Spirit instructed me to start feeding people about the knowledge for divine healing. That was what gave birth to the primary purpose of the blog and as time goes on, God started enlarging my coast and testimonies were erupting from the blog posts*

What is your message?
*Jesus is my message*

What is your motive to write your first book?
*As I stated in the book, it is only a fool that will prefer the good than the better or the better than the best. It is only a fool that will prefer a life full of sickness than a fortified health free of sickness. So, I can say that my motive is to feed believers with the right knowledge needed to live without being a victim of sickness all through their days on earth.*

I believe you are a reader which book inspired you the most?

Who is your best writer(Spiritual book)?

Who is your Spiritual Father?

What is your view about full-time ministry?
*Full time ministry is best for all that God is calling into it.*

What did you have to say about serving under a MOG even when you are also having the calling of God over your life?
*Men are in sizes, life is in phases and calling is in stages. If you’re in the stage of a service under a man of God, be loyal. If you’re at the phase of being a minister under a man of God, see the man of God that God placed over you as God and do the work of the ministry as if you’re the owner (1 Corinthians 4:2).*

What can you say about some brethren who still dress anyhow in the church?
*When the master called for a feast in that parable that Jesus told us, those whom dressing were unfit for the feast were sent out. What I just have to say is that we should keep praying for them that the eyes of their understanding may be open* I

What are the things you use to do that makes you to be alive spiritually?
*Ohh.. … Search for “Bible Reading Catalyst” on my blog Healingnexusblog.com you will get the full gist there.*

What’s the biggest mistake you have made that you would want others to avoid repeating?
*The biggest mistake is that I didn’t give my life to Christ on time*

What’s your strategy for overcoming failure?
*Failure is a step stone to success. Thomas Edison failed 999 times before success. He kept failing but never stopped searching for knowledge, so this strategy have been of great help to me*

What advise can you give to young believers who are desperate to carry fire?
*I’ll advise this set of people to go for KNOWLEDGE. I’ll recommend that they read an article titled BE CALMING DOWN by my dad on Healingnexusblog.com*

How did SADOZ as affected your life?
*SADOZ is my Zion. God took me to SADOZ to serve as a platform for my growth. When I joined, I was in debt, I was dejected and I was depressed but God raised me up to be a man who will raise others in God as well. So, SADOZ is my cave of Adullam*

Today is your birthday what advice can you give to the youths out there Sir?
*Birthday, to me, is a celebration of purposeful life. If you’ve not been walking in purpose, you’re not permitted to be celebrating birthday. My advise to the youths is to find their purpose and for them to walk in it*


  1. Wow may your life continue to be like a tree planted by river said that bring forth fruit in Jesus in Jesus Name AMEN Happy glorious birthday sir


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