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I made a post on the easy way to handle deliverance where I stated my experience in some deliverance sessions. I mentioned cases demons refused to leave their hosts until we had loosed the attachment on the person’s head and a case we had to clean the eyes’ paints. Deliverance ministers will tell you that they experienced a lot of cases like this. And this is one of the reasons the apostolic fathers of faith totally condemned the use of those items.

However, I added in the post that those items are not demonic but there’s a reason demons may demand cleaning them or losing them before they could depart their host. I will explain this by citing Rebecca Brown MD. Rebecca Brown is a topmost deliverance minister that resides in the USA. She doesn’t deal with witches, wizards and possessed people, she deals with SATANISTS. I mean real Satanists and not the ceremonial ones. Those that hold meetings with Satan and demons. They have covenanted with him. She has delivered some top-ranking Satanists. She said Lucifer once appeared to her threatening her PHYSICALLY (not a vision). She was attacked by a werewolf. She said a male friend of hers who I believe is her husband was attacked by a vampire. Not in the dreams but PHYSICALLY. I tell you this so you know she’s an authority in the field of deliverance. I learnt many things about deliverance from her.

Talking about attachments, paints and so on, she explained that those items are used when Satanists hold their meetings with Lucifer. Ex-Satanists confirmed this to her. Because of that, demons could easily attach themselves to those items. Other factors could aid this to happen anyway. Most especially the person’s spiritual life just like the lady I prayed with. She was low spiritually. She borrowed eye paints from a friend in a tutorial class. That way, a demon was passed unto her.

To be on the safe side, if you must use these items, PRAY OVER THEM, CAST OUR DEVILS AND ANOINT THEM. I usually anoint any new thing we bring or buy into the house especially the ones we have to use or wear.

As I flashed back on those days when I was neck deep into deliverance, casting and binding, I was asking myself, if I am in a deliverance session today and the demons asked me to lose the hair of a lady before they can leave, will I obliged? I guess, I won’t. I will lay my hands on the hair and break their grip over it. If she bought the hair, she owned it and the devil cannot lay claim to it. I haven’t put this into practice anyway because I haven’t been much involved in “casting out” in a while. The few I get involved with didn’t take me through this route. I will be on the lookout to put this into use. If have any experience in this line, do share.

Should I tell you that it is not all demons in deliverance sessions that SPEAK AUDIBLY? Some don’t speak at all and some talk in the spirit. You need to hear them spiritually before knowing what to do. This happened in Jesus’ ministry. It is a post for another day. If you demand it, I will write on it.



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