Talking about clarifying career and purpose
I have said that you have to come to a stage where you find you make a career out of your purpose
Or you stick to a career even if it doesn’t fall in life with your purpose and then walk towards your purpose afterwards
This is not always easy and it is not achievable for most people but it is the reality
It is the only feasible thing to do if you don’t get to work in line with your purpose at first

Facts about career

1. Decide
Decide on what career you wish to pursue and do that quickly
At whatever age you are, you should decide immediately
What do I want to do?
What would bring food to my table?
Is it something I can begin right now?
Or do I have to do another thing while it waits?
What can I do about it immediately?
Can I save up for it?
Can I gather information?
These are leading questions that you should ask yourself

2. Is it employment or self-employment
If it is employment then you have to ask: it is Government employment or private establishment
If it is a government establishment, the ladder is well-laid buy
You know when to expect promotions and what you must do to get promoted
If it is to acquire more education or does courses
You know already and you should go for it
If it is a private establishment, IS IT A WELL STRUCTURED PLACE or not structured
If it is well structured, it means:
They have a laid-out promotion process
It means they have insurance policies
It means there is a retirement plan
And it would mean that if they fire you anyhow you can go to court
Even though a private business is not as secure as government work…some are more secure than the other

So you need to ask yourself, DO I WANT TO REMAIN HERE
I mean if it is structured
Do I want to retire here or spend some years
What are my plans?
What does it take to get to the topmost position because that is where the money is
You need to find out what it takes
Ask if you can pursue it
If you can then begin the journey
Are you with me?
If it is not a structured private setting then you should know that your time there is numbered
It must never be your plan A no matter the promises they made to you
It can fold up at any time!
They may change leadership!
They may lay off
I should be advising you against staying there for long if the PAY APPEARS GOOD.

but if the pay is nothing to write home about then three years, is too much
Look at private schools for instance
Most private schools. When I say most, I mean 99.95% are not structured
There is no clear promotion plan or insurance
No one should ever plan a future with it
Use it to raise money.
Do it for the main time
Do it while you search for a job


3. Self-employment: business or skills

Are you selling something, or rendering a service
Are you just planning to start?
Are you just planning to learn the skill?
Have you started already?
Never I focused on this who have started


1. Do not be a hustler
A hustler is a person that is combining two or more trades
Either you are working somewhere and decided to do business alongside
Let me tell you this hard truth, you can’t make it in any business without the law of focus
That’s why I called it a career business
A career is something you are building not something you are playing with
It’s the same if you are doing much unrelated businesses

2: any business can make you a millionaire
Do you know how much it takes to build a house in Nigeria today?
You can’t finish a house with 2 million naira
Yet, that pepper seller and that leaf seller built a house
Meaning, they are millionaires
If you focus on your trade, you can make a lot out of it

3: to make it in business, is a complex work
The reason making it in business is hard for some is that they don’t know that it entails quite a whole lot of things
Specifically, you need three times of education

a.continous education in your line of business

b. General Business and marketing education

c. Financial Education
Fortunately, we have materials for all these education in SADOZ

Now, let’s do a little Business Education

1. Pay yourself a salary
The biggest mistake people make in business is that they thought all the money they make as profit is theirs
I called you to fix something in my house, I paid you 4k then you begin to spend the money
My dear, you are wrong!
That 4k is not yours
Remove between 30% to 40%, pay your tithe 10% and return the rest to your business
Is there a tool you need to buy?
Or do you want to rent a shop?
Or just save it up till you find a need for it
If there is a particular tool, you can even decide to save up to 80% for it.

You can buy it and pay a letter if you can trust yourself to payback

Or save up with the person who sells it
The Lord is impressing it upon my heart to talk more about this
It is called the PROJECT SAVING
You have a project, say an Industrial machine to buy.
You know that once you buy that machine, your work will be faster and neater
You will be able to meet up and not disappoint
That would also mean more profit for you
So, what would you do?
You will save up for the machine
But you know yourself, savings is hard for you, right?
You have few options
You can join a thrift or save up with someone
You can decide to do PROJECT SAVING
Project savings means you are not just saving little money towards it but almost if not all of the money you get every time
You want to put everything aside to just ensure that you get that industrial machine
You can save it with someone like I said it do thrift
You can approach the seller and tell them you want to save up with them and pick when it is completed
You can pay upfront, collect the machine and balance up
If you apply this project approach to all areas of your life most especially your business, you will control your spending and contain wastage
Including those you give dash money
And at the same time, your business would flourish
Many people have done this just by hearing me talk about it
And they have results

2. Do marketing
There’s knowing what to SELL and there is knowing HOW to sell
To be in business and say you hate marketing is like wanting to study law but you hate the English Language
You better go and so Yoruba studies
Yoruba study is a good course. I am just illustrating a course you can do if you hate the English language
To say you are into business but you hate marketing means you are playing. Go and find another work.
See, if not for marketing, everybody will make it in business
If it is to just display goods or render service and it will sell on their own, everybody will have become a billionaire in business
But thank God not everybody enjoys marketing, that gives you the room to make a lot of money
I know you hate marketing but YOU CAN MARKET
you hate it but YOU CAN DO IT
let me ask you-
If you are sure that if you talk to 10 people about your business, at least 1 person would buy, would you approach 10 people?
You know that if one of them should buy, the profit will be worth it. Won’t you do it?
That means you CAN only if you have refused to
And depending on your type of business, in some cases, if you talk to 10 people, at least 4 would buy
To some, it is an at least 3 or 5 people
All you have to do is to identify the LIKELY PROSPECTS
those who are likely to buy!
Approach them
Then let the game start
There is something we called the 100 game
Talk to 100 people as fast as possible
It is just a game
Don’t send BCs
Go in there to show them and demonstrate what you have.
Can you read 100 people in under 24 hours or in 48 hours or a week?
Let the race begin today
Before you reach no.100, you would have sold out!
Your shyness would drop all by itself
Your prospecting, marketing and closing sales skills would be sharpened.
Go do this and then CONGRATULATIONS!

Let me close with this
Ecc 9:10 Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might;

Who will close us in prayers pls
Eternal Lord, I give you praise and glory for blessing us tonight. May your light shine upon how hearts and strengthen our resolve to put all to use in Jesus’ Name. amen


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