Dear Youth,
Life will not always give you the luxury of time to pursue your purpose. Today, you’re all over seminars and lectures, trying to discover your purpose but how much energy are you putting into fulfilling it? You thought you have all the time?

I know you wish to marry early too but do you know that the earlier you get married, the harder it is to pursue your purpose if you are not already grounded in it?

A time is coming, coming fast, what matters won’t be the purpose but how you can make money and put food on the table- be it a man or woman.

What I am saying is that, if you don’t give it all to your purpose now, you may not be able to go after it later on. Look around you, aside from full-time ministers, aside from those in the medical field, how many people are in their purpose? They hope to do it later.

Mind you, that you’re a minister does not make it automatic and that’s why you see many people in the part-time! The fear of total dependency on God and suffering forces many who are meant for full-time to stay at the crossroad.

When I asked some people their age, I hear- am just 30! Just 30? Do you think that I am 40? Or do you think I am 35? Just assume that the only time you have to fulfil your purpose is between now and when you’re 30.


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